iCO2 – 2013

iCO2 is a multiplayer online eco-driving serious game available in three different versions:

iCO2 – The Cube on the large display screen of The Cube by Queensland University of Technology in Australia supports touch-based interaction.

iCO2 – Facebook on Facebook uses the mouse device.

iCO2 – iPad for iPad can be operated via touch and tilt.

Game design, Game development, Unity, c#


Game developed during an internship at National Institute of Infromatics, Japan in 2013.

Supervisors: Helmut Prendinger

Collaborators: João Oliveira, Marconi Madruga, Klaus Bruegmann


The research and development of this project resulted in one article published on IEEE Internet Computing’s special issue: May/June 2014 – Internet Scale-Games with the tiltle “iCO2: a Networked Game for Collecting Large-Scale Eco-Driving Behavior Data”.