Hi, I'm João Catarino and I am a game developer and software engineer.


I'm an energetic person, passionate about video games, nature, and sports. Curious by nature, from my childhood electronic toys to space black holes, I've always been interested in learning how things work. I'm a creative person and a problem-solver, so I combined my engineering and programming passions with the love to play videogames and the path of game development seemed like a natural choice to me.

I am dedicated and detail-oriented, focused on software development best practices to develop videogames that provide meaningful game user experiences. I have worked on computer, mobile, blockchain, AR, and VR videogames, some of which with received awards and nominations.

I've been developing videogames for 15 years, 8 of which as a professional in the videogames industry. My journey started with computer games and later mobile games that got featured in the stores. As a technology enthusiast, in 2016, I got the chance to work with the new AR technology being developed by Microsoft, Apple, and Google and had the privilege to release a successful game included in the first batch of games for the official releases of the Hololens, ARKit and ARCore platforms. After nearly three years of developing AR games, in 2018, I got interested in blockchain technology and stepped into blockchain game development. Since 2020, I've been developing games with top VR technology brands, such as Oculus, Vive, HP, Valve, and Pico.

As a researcher, I have published articles in several conferences, scientific journals, and magazines of the IEEE and ACM scientific organizations.