Enhance – 2020 – 2021

Enhance is a VR app, released in 2020, that offers a library of brain training games that test and train various cognitive skills like memory, problem-solving, flexibility, working memory, spatial orientation, motor control, task switching, and planning.


Enhance Trailer


Tasks Performed:

– Software Architecture;
Prototyping of new concepts and ideas;
– Gameplay Systems;

Data Collection Systems;
Client-Server Connection (REST Client, Amazon Kinesis Client);
– Third-Party Virtual Reality SDKs Integration (Oculus SDK, Steam VR SDK, HTC VIVE SDK, HP Omnicept SDK, Pico VR SDK, XR Space SDK);
– Unity custom VR Platform Setup and Build Tools;
– Release Management;
– Technical Documentation;
– Stores Publishing (Steam, Oculus Store, Side Quest Store, Itch.io, HTC Viveport Store, Pico Store);
– Porting of Enhance games for the Alcove Playground VR application in partnership with Rendever and AARP Innovation Labs.

Awards and Nominations

Top 10 Health Tech Finalist – Super Connect for Good, 2021

Nominee – VR/AR for Healthcare – Lava Virtual Awards, 2021

Selected – Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab – Ubisoft, 2021

Accredited – Cognitive Assessment and Training – STEM.org, 2021

Finalist – Best Pitch – Brain Innovation Days, 2021

2nd Place – Best 6DoF App – WAVE Developer Awards, 2020

Nominee – Best Healthcare & Wellness Solution – Auggie Awards, 2020


Enhance App

Game Library

Game Details

Cognitive Skill Stats


Enhance Game Library

React (2020)  

Memory Wall (2020)  

Hide & Seek (2020)  

Balance (2020)  

Pizza Builder (2020)  

Magic Deck (2020)  

Odd Egg (2020)  

Assembly (2020)  

Whack-A-Mole (2020)  

Harmonize (2021)  

Maestro (2021)  

Slinger (2021)  

Stacker (2021)  

Orbital (2021)  



Enhance Website


Oculus Quest

Oculus Rift