3D Models Search Engine – 2011


3D Models search engine with analysis, indexing, and retrieval processing algorithms based on shape descriptors.

– Analysis of a database of 3d models;
– Indexing of each model in the database;
– Retrieving of models using search by example.

The application reads 3D objects in the .OFF file format and converts them to feature vectors in the .ASIG file format.

3D Object Processing, CGALboost, C++


Application developed in the 3d Object Processing course of the MSc in Computer Science and Engineering.

Supervisors: Alfredo Ferreira


Application based on the research of the article:

3D Shape Matching with 3D Shape Contexts, Marcel Körtgen, G. -J. Park, Marcin Novotni, and Reinhard Klein. In Proceedings of The 7th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics, Apr. 2003.