I’m passionate about video games and sports since I can remember. Started developing video games more than a decade ago, I’m currently working as a freelance software developer, after working at 2 gaming startups for the last 4 years.

I’m specially interested in the gameplay and artificial intelligence of games, but I also have experience creating the managers to run a game, implementing UI and handling user input, handling sound and music assets, creating game design tools, automation tools and test tools. I have also done release management and app store publishing on some of the games that I worked. I’ve made research and worked on academic projects in artificial intelligence, 2D and 3D virtual worlds, game design and game development. I’m an Augmented Reality enthusiast and I’ve passed the last 2 years working with several AR technologies.

As I am a creative soul, I always like to brainstorm new and cool ideias and test them on real prototypes. One of this prototypes will change the world one day 🙂