November 2017 – …

Freelance Software Developer

I am currently working as a freelance Software Developer. Feel free to contact me to start a new collaboration.


March 2014 – October 2017

Software Developer, Bica Studios, Lisboa, Portugal

I worked as a game programmer at Bica Studios on several titles for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Microsoft Hololens, Windows OS and Mac OS, where I worked and improved my skills on the following areas:

  • – game managers (game manager, achievement manager, sound manager, input manager, object pool manager, …);
  • – gameplay;
  • – artificial intelligence;
  • – UI;
  • – optimization;
  • – game design tools;
  • – automation tools to import art assets, analyse the assets’ data and convert to game content and data;
  • – test tools;
  • – release management;
  • – stores publishing (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Windows  Store);
  • – version control (Source Tree, BitBucket, Mercurial SCM);
  • – fast prototyping of many new and cool ideas.

During the last 2 years on Bica Studios I worked with Augmented Reality technology like Apple ARKit, Google Tango, Microsoft Hololens and Vuforia.


March 2013 – August 2013

Software Developer Intern, Prendinger Laboratory, National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan

During the internship I worked on two projects: 

  • iCO2: multiplayer online eco-driving serious game in a 3D virtual world developed with Unity;
  • Biosafety Lab: training application controlled with the Kinect or with a mouse in a 3D virtual world to teach medical students how to solve and avoid accidents in a high security biological laboratory also developed with Unity.

During the internship I was co-author of the following articles: